Thursday, August 31, 2006


I forgot the bags at work last night. The class went really well though (and I'm so excited that you signed up Terra!!!!!) all the ladies seemed to really enjoy the whole process of learning and putting it all together. I'll post the pics when I take some of the finished products :) To make do, you all have to wonder at the fabulousness that is the BLACK PEARL!

Wow this pattern really cooks along and I have to say I am so in love with the idea of no seaming it thrills me to the core. Variegated yarn is so throwback I can't help but love it. I saw a video the CBC did of Chris' paternal Grandparents on the subject of marriage (I HEART YOU CBC!) and his Granddad had the most gorgeous handknit (by Grandma of course) variegated sweater on. You almost see the palpable love knitted into every stitch. Of course it didn't hurt that Grandma & Grandpa were just so damn cute either. I love hearing about how women of past generations were so crafty (by necessity) in all their ways. What a great circle to belong to.


Is now home with us. It has heated seats, air conditioning, keyless entry, power windows and mirrors and plays MP3's. The colour is so beautiful I may have to cry. I LOVE YOU JACK (that's his name ok?)!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Post felt and a showboat

Alright then, the bags they tuned out to both be: 7 inches long x 6.5 inches wide. Nifty yes? Now the thing is, I knit the stockinette one from a REWOUND ball. Meaning I knit from the outside (I think) and it has a definite skew to it. One of my students, she did the same thing and talk about twisted? It looks nifty but is really a twisty little bugger. I'll have to check with Amy, something to do with the s or z twist on the lambs pride (since it is a single) and I'm so not on the spinning thing.... Maybe I think for my next class we should use Cascade (a plied worsted) instead to manage this. Still they are fuzzy and sweet. Stay tuned to see the next installment with needle felted design!

On the horizon, I have chosen my next project (aside from that poor ol log cabin that sits neglected waiting patiently to be done) for ~ME~! Don't you just wanna die at the loveliness that is Lornas Laces SUPERWASH in Black Pearl? I do. It has a titch of shine to it and just so scrumptious to the touch it makes me and baby jesus weep with joy. Ok I can't *really* speak for him, but I'm sure Kali would love it, so... Close enough.

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and do a top-down Wrap Cardigan from Knitting Pure & Simple. Amy let me try hers on and that was that. Flattering, warm and DID I MENTION THE YARN?? OMG. Sandra was kind enough to make a couple of yarn cakes for me (and I learned how to use the swift and ball winder GO ME!) so I better get a knittin'!

I had put this up as the leetle head just slays me. LOOK AT ME! says Max the wonder terrier.

NO REALLY! He is just such a showoff...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pre full..

So the bags are done. They'll be felted in my class tonight. The garter stitch one measures 8.25 inches high, the stockinette 9.25. They are both 7.5 inches wide. Should be interesting to see how they compare POST fulling. The Lambs Pride is really nice to knit with, soft and fuzzy, quite scrummy on the hands. The garter definitely took more to knit than the stockinette, so I had to pilfer a bit of purple to complete the st one. Stay tuned for the results...

We are headed back up to Edmonton this weekend for a 50th anniversary party. Another drive up that wretchedly boring highway. Good thing the MP3 player is loaded and ready to go :)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Oh jeeze...

Please note the messiest fridge around...

So for my fulling class the ever lovely Amy did up a little pattern for the sweetest little bag. I had one student want to make it in garter so thought I would do the same. Actually the plan is do one stockinette too. Lets see how different they are huh?

OMG it is taking me forever. I totally thought I had lost all my knitting chops! Wanna know something? I can't even remember the last time I used straights! It is really different knitting on them. I think I shall have to find some 6mm circs, this may never get done! The weight is all wonky, my wrists hurt and its all a tippy! (and I should really just stop blaming my tools huh?)


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Text rocks!

I went to my reunion. It was hysterical! I am still the weirdo* (thank god/goddess/allah/kali and/or voodoo man) even after all this time. But in a good way. I had way more fun than I thought I would and am VERY happy that we went. It didn't hurt that I had a whole bunch of girls ask who the hottie was (uh.. my husband!) I was with. He even got in on the action by posing with our yearbook with another husband who didn't go to our school. Most excellent.

Yesterday I went to my first day of work. Work? You say. Yes WORK! I feel very spoiled to say I work at Make 1. Along with my teaching, my Full Of It class runs tonight and for the next weeks on Wednesdays! I am now an official EMPLOYEE. Hurrah!! Its already kickstarted my creativity again (phew) and I have some new projects in the works. In my head at least. Today I go back TO WORK, and teach after. Busy day for me! YAY WORK! Oh and I was proclaimed the queen.. finally someone noticed!!

*I look YOUNG (really YOUNG). I knew hating the sun would come in handy one day. No one else had any piercings or anything. Buncha conservatives! V weird!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hot mess no go

ARGH! I knew that hot mess would be tricky, but it proved too tricky for me. So I went with a slight modification on the pattern found here:

I HATE seaming so have decided to do it in the round. I know I'll have to seam the bottom, bt I can live with that. I guess. The yarn I picked up from Make 1 at the solstice sale. Its Phil lin (I think) and should be sturdy enough. I hope. I'm not sure how its gonna look as it called for 10mm needles and I just don't like knitting with needles that big and didn't really want a GIANT bag so I went with a smaller size. This may get all pulled out too.. I am so not motivated in the summer to knit.

On the reunion front.. I know I had said no. BUT I CHANGED MY MIND. And I booked a room so we are going now for sure. I had an old school chum email me and we have been emailing back and forth and she unknowingly convinced me to go. In turn I emailed another old chum and convinced him to go. Now I am officially excited. It should be HOOT. hahahahaha. I hope. I have to find something to wear and lose 20 pounds by Saturday. Thats totally doable right? Riiiiiiiiight. /eyeroll.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just in case

You all thought I had totally lost the knitting vibe.. NOPE! I have put aside the BOILING hot log cabin in favour of small happy things I can actually finish. Now these don't look like much.. YET. Oh ho but they will. MARK MY WORDS!!!

Nope they aren't giant oversized novelty hats (my husband pooh poohed the idea that these would be great for his giant oversized novelty head.. "NOT EVEN CLOSE" is a direct quote I swear!) they will be...

FELTED BOWLS!! From the wonderful One Skein book. I reckon I should needlefelt some embellishments on them, but man are they fast going! The big ones took about an hour and a halfish. The small one less than an hour. Way to feel productive!

I have also started a wee experiment with the help of the fantasgreat Dana *getablogalready* from Knit Club. We will see how this hot mess gets going. If it works it could be super stupendous!

I'd also like to say HI! to my Mummy in law and Seester in law. I finally sent them the URL so they can check up on me and my craftiness.. NOTE TO SELF.. Maybe don't post pics of WIPS for them ok? I know it seems a durrrrr moment, but PUHLEASE. I am BLONDE OK??? (and as if to further that.. I spelled blonde wrong the first time I wrote it. SMRT. Me fail english? Thats unpossible!) so THERE!