Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween all!
Love, Keiko, Violet, Fin and Beatrix.
knitting content tomorrow maybe.. :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006



A whole boatload of stitches later.... PHEW! It does need a block (the bottom looks a little stretched out after all that work) but it is finito! I actually finished it on Tuesday but when I got
the man to try it on, it really needed a rib (ever so small as it is) on the bottom to look truly finished. So 300 picked up stitches later.. !!
Now I can move on. Finally. :)
My head and fingers class has taken off and I couldn't be happier. My students are all over the DPN's and I feel like a proud parent watching them grow and become more confident. Aww...
I have my last felting class tonight, needle felting here we come :) It is always my favorite part of the class
Now to move onto a vest for me.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This is the ..

vest that never ends!

It just goes on and on my friends.

Some dingbat started knitting it, not knowing what it was, and she'll continue knitting it forever just because..

This is the vest that never ends... really.

I got this from Etsy.com. Sorry about the craptastic picture.. I never said I had mad photo skillz ok?

But I do love it so and have such a warm fuzzy when I wear it :)

Ok. In other news.. or in the words of Julie Chen:

"but first!"

It is snowing here. Not great monstrous whipped cream blobs, but enough that the wee dogga has to be de-snowed when he comes in from outside. And enough that the heat is cranked up. I am making some nice chili tonight that shall hopefully warm us all up.

We went and saw the new Scorsese film this weekend (The Departed). It was pretty good, but sadly I thought it could have used a little more trimming. Or a lot more violence. Mr Jack Nicholson was really good, slipping into his caricature in only a couple spots and I am sorry to say I have a *thing* for Mr Matt Damon. At least his Boston accent was good (being as he is from there I should bloody hope so!) not like Mr Martin Sheen who slipped all around that geographical area I think. We also watched Art School Confidential which was pretty entertaining (despite the lead actor having no charisma at all) and Hard Candy which is not for anyone faint of heart or sensitive in any way. I liked it (of course) but thought it was a one trick pony.

This weekend the boy heads up North and I think we are going to actually venture out and go to Amy's book party this Saturday! There is lots of media stuff going on this week for her (good luck sweet gal!) and I hear that Shaw is coming tomorrow to film the shop (I AM WORKING! OMG!! So glad I got my hair done last week! YES!) and I have my first head and fingers class. Which is FULL. YIKES!

I should really go wash some clothes now huh? ~sigh~

Thursday, October 12, 2006

7 stitches!

Oh my.. I am wishing I had either a smaller husband or a bigger brain. The vest is totally coming along, but so s l o w l y. See what I mean? Nice? Yes! Ribbed? Yes! TAKING SO FREAKING LONG? YES! But really its yummy and lovely. I have had few people try to convince me to you know, start something else in the mean time.. OMG! Now I know I am NOT the norm when it comes to projects. Really, its ok, I can deal. I am one of those freaks who starts something then (with the exception of the ugly afghan) finishes it. I mean sometimes I have like half a dishcloth somewhere, but really, I can only do one project at a time. It boggles everyone from work tis true. I think I may have some fear that I will never finish anything if I have more than one thing on the go (which for knitters is tantamount to CRAZY) but its the way I am. So not only will you poor saps loyal readers be sick to death of it, so will I. AND it doesn't hurt that I am ITCHING to get my next project. ITCHING I TELLS YA!

I have another class tonight (sorry it didn't work for you Terra :/) and then start a mitten and hat (head and fingers.. no knees and toes sorry) class next Wednesday. I *really* should be cleaning some more but since I STILL HAVE NO VACUUM.. well.. DO THE MATH! Ha ha!
So Instead I leave you with a picture of my messy desk. Note the cup (roughly the size of Lake Ontario) that the boy painted for me last year at one of the 70 thousand odd field trips he took. Also of note; the hot wheels speakers with the flames we got from Winners for 5 dollars and the peeling Hello Kitty mouse pad (note to self: get new mouse pad). The desktop is a picture of the flowers by Dale Chihuly (sp?) in the lobby of the Bellagio in Vegas. OMG I LOVE GLASS.


Friday, October 06, 2006

No knitting

updates today. Instead I leave you all with the thing to do this fine turkay day weekend (Besides seeing TRAILER PARK BOYS)...


PANDA CAM! Cutest. Thing. EVER. I have died from the cute.

Happy gobbles all....

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Really there has been some! The vest is coming along swimmingly. Its a time consumer with the 7 st per inch thing, but its such lovely yarn who can complain?

The colour of the stripe is more pumpkiny than it looks ( I think the red rug throws it off a bit) and has the prettiest (so NOT the word Chris wants to hear I reckon) flecks in it. YUM!

Also in the mail this week:

Duh duh DUH! OMG THEY ARE HERE!!!!!! My knit picks interchangables!!

Oh my stars and garters.. these are so wonderful to work with. Like I said to Kathy they are all the best things about needles rolled up into one big ball of needle goodness. And I shall have to apologise again for the disturbing visual that caused. OMG they are the sexiest needles ever. (again sorry :P)

I have been working like a lot this past week as the wonderful Amy and Sandra were in the big TO taking a well deserved break and hand delivering the SWEATER OF DOOM. It was hella fun, but I forgot how tiring working for a living is. I know, I know.. cry me a river right? My house is a tip but eh.. when isn't it?

Now a story that I meant to tell ya'll last week but then last week ran out! We shall call this:


Or how not to get your carpets clean. Ever.

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a vacuum. It was a dirty old vacuum, but really for the amount that the girl used it, it was fine. But one fine day when the dirty old vacuum was dragged out of its small pit to be used, it had enough. The head kinda exploded (SCANNERS VACUUM!) and it breathed its last. The girl packed it up in a Glad Flex Force bag (these rock big time) and sent it to the great beyond (the garbage). The girl needed a vaccum STAT so off she went with PC (price charming ok) to the vacuum wonderland that is WALMART. After fiding the vacuum of her dreams and almost fighting off the russian hordes (ok it was a Russian GUY and there was no actual fighting, maybe a slightly dirty look or two) they bring the new vacuum home. It is a DIRT DEVIL. Like a devil on the dirt. The girl happily puts the vacuum together and starts to USE IT! OMG! The dust! The Dirt! THE GROSSNESS THAT WAS HIDING IN THE CARPET! ITS HORRIBLE! Then.. then the utmost in tragic happens. The brush roll stops turning. The dirt stops being sucked. the girl is distraught! She phones the 1.800 number for help! HELP ME! She cries. The nonplussed voice on the other end replies evilly that the BELT BROKE. This is how she must change it! But WAIT! Didn't this DIRT DEVIL just come home the day before? Why yes it did. If this dirt devil can't make it though one damn day without BREAKING, why would the girl keep it? Well she didn't. Back it went and now we begin again the quest for yet another vacuum.

Le sigh. Stupid cheap belt vaccum. I bet it had cheap shoes too. !@#$%#@!

In other news::

TRAILER PARK BOYS MOVIE TOMORROW. Show your love for Canadian Cinema (oh yes.. CINEMA!) and go support the boys on their opening weekend. I am. At 3pm. GO FORTH!